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Thermal Insulation Agent

Thermal Insulation Agent

Thermal Insulation Agent

Introduction of JH-908F Riser Heating and Insulation Covering Agent:
JH-908F Thermal Insulation Agent for Shrinkage Resistant Cave Riser for Cast Iron and Steel Castings

JH-908F products include various types of shrinkage-resistant riser materials that react with liquid metal in contact, ranging from very sensitive high-heating materials to completely thermal insulation materials. JH-908F products are introduced. They cover the requirements of all kinds of riser diameters and sizes of black cast alloys.

JH-908F products have strong heating reaction, wide application range and the latest technology. The products described in detail below should only be representative products and available processes of jinhui.

Anti-shrinkage cave riser materials for pre-weighing and bagging shall be added to the surface of riser liquid metal in bags immediately after completion of pouring. It is suggested that the riser should be designed so that a certain amount of liquid metal can be poured slightly, so that there is a space between the surface of liquid metal and the top surface of the casting mould, so that the Jinhui riser material can be installed in this space. The recommended application amount is one layer, whose thickness is equal to one tenth or 25 mm of the riser diameter. If the thickness of the two layers is not uniform, the upper surface should be flattened. Normally this is not necessary.

JH-908F can be used for risers with unlimited diameters, and also for risers with shrinkage-resistant cavities on cast iron castings.

This is a highly sensitive anti-shrinkage cave riser heating material. The volume of the product can be expanded about twice in the course of heating reaction, which reflects the obvious adiabatic effect of the product. Although JH-908F has high heating reaction, it actually does not smoke, and because of its expansion and low sensitivity of products, the amount of JH-908F used for effective heating and insulation is only about half that of non-expansion products. This product has a low carbon content and usually has no effect on the quality of metals.

JH-908F riser heating and insulating agent is mainly used for common open riser of steel casting sand mold. Without insulating riser sleeve, it can also change the shrinkage of riser Shrinkage from V to U shape, avoid loosening and shrinkage, the effect of feeding is up to 30%, the weight of riser is reduced by 50%-75%, the yield of riser is increased by more than 15%, and the chemical composition of castings is guaranteed to remain unchanged. Only one ton of molten steel per saving method is needed. The investment of 40-50 yuan is remarkable in social and economic benefits compared with that of carbonized rice husk, heating agent, straw ash and insulating riser sleeve. Major raw materials and properties This product is mainly made of local resources, sillimanite, aluminium powder, floating beads, acid graphite and other materials.

Chemical properties:


Physical property:

Moisture content(%)Melting point(℃)Melting rate(S)Granularity(mmMultiple


1. The calculation principle of riser diameter is to take the lower limit of empirical formula according to the method of hot-pit circle. The ratio of height to diameter is H/D=0.7-1.0. When calculating by modulus method, the top surface can be considered as an adiabatic surface.

2. Note the dosage of covering agent:

The diameter of riser is the top diameter of riser.

(2) It is advisable to keep the top of 400 or more useful quantities out of red during recuperation.

When the molten steel rises to 1/3 of the riser height, the best investment is needed. The control of the casting height should not be equal to the sand box, and the molten steel should not spill over. After the 20-40 mm covering agent is put in, the riser should not be allowed to be poured.

Introduction of JH-908F Riser Covering Agent for Fever:

The product is used on the surface of open riser, which can effectively isolate the heat radiation, heat convection and heat conduction of metal liquid passing through the upper surface of riser. Correct use can improve the shape of riser contraction, make riser contraction bottom-like, effectively prevent the formation of taper contraction surface and central contraction tube, and increase the safe distance of riser.

This product is suitable for all kinds of alloys. Normally, it will not pollute the furnace charge and can be used in stainless steel castings.

Jinhui-908F Reference Addition

Riser diameterAmount of additionRiser diameterAmount of addition





































908F heat insulating agent is suitable for open riser of cast steel and cast iron and gate surface of precision casting. When the heat insulating covering agent is put on the surface of liquid metal, it immediately burns and releases heat, reduces heat loss, prolongs the solidification time of riser, improves the feeding capacity of riser, improves the secondary shrinkage in riser, and increases the safety factor of riser.

Thermal Insulation Agent

During the ignition and combustion process (fire source can be found 15 minutes after field test), the heating and heat preservation effect is particularly good. The heating time of JH-908F riser and insulator is more than 15 minutes and 22 minutes respectively.

Verification of JH-908F riser heat preservation agent shows that:

Heating time: > 15 minutes holding time: > 25 minutes

Note: JH-908F riser heat preservation agent produced by our new research method has the characteristics of strong heat generation, long heat preservation time, and low price has a high reputation in the same industry. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business with our company.

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