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Slag Removal Covering Agent for Steel (Iron) Water

Slag Removal Covering Agent for Steel (Iron) Water

This product is suitable for ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, electric arc furnace, medium frequency induction furnace, in addition to the furnace.
一、Product characteristics:

1. The appearance of the product is gray white and red granular solid.

2. The product is a composite slag collector with multiple functions of slag collection, heat preservation and covering.

3. The product has good auxiliary development, large expansion multiple, strong slag trapping property, good slag shell moulding, good slag aggregation effect, and no sticking.

4. When the product expands at high temperature, it forms a very fine air interlayer, which becomes a good thermal insulation and radiation insulation layer, and is conducive to subcontracting or holding solution for a long time.

5. When the product is covered with spheroidizing agent, it can delay the reaction time of spheroidizing, improve its absorptivity, reduce the dosage of spheroidizing agent and reduce the cost.

6. The product has no pollution to the solution and strong permeability, and does not affect its chemical composition. Smoke-free dust, no harmful gas, can purify the working environment in front of the furnace.

二、Main Physicochemical Indicators

ProjectSIO2AN2O3Na2OMgOExpansion multipleBulk densityExpansion temperatureGranularity


1. Use on the surface of electric furnace or ladle: The product can be sprayed on the surface of molten iron by spraying gun or man-made, stirred slightly, and the molten slag will form a plastic slag shell, which can be poured. If the slag is blocked, the product can be sprayed on the ladle or the furnace mouth before slagging. The dosage is generally 1-2 kg/t solution.

2. Use in spheroidizing agent: After the spheroidizing agent and paste are placed in the bag, the product is evenly sprayed on the surface and then rushed into the molten iron for spheroidizing. The dosage is generally between 5-10% of the dosage of the somatizing agent.

四、Packing and Storage
Polyethylene inner bags and plastic woven bags are packed in double layers with specifications of 25 kg/bag, 40 kg/bag and 50 kg/bag. They can also be added or reduced according to user's requirements and stored in a ventilated and dry place.