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Constant temperature dehydrated perlite

Constant temperature dehydrated perlite

Introduction to the products of constant water dewatered pearl sand (special accessories for collecting and slag removing agents):

Xinyang Jinhui Metallurgical New Type Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized enterprise integrating Perlite mining and processing of all kinds of perlite products. There are more than 130 employees and 22 professional technicians. It has an annual output of more than 32000 tons of dehydrated perlite sand (special accessories for collection and slag removal agents), slag collector, slag removal thermal insulation covering agent, low carbon (non-carbon) slag removal thermal insulation covering agent, and so on. The production capacity of metallurgical materials such as riser insulation covering agent is more than 18,000 tons. At present, it is the largest manufacturer of steel slag collector and slag removal insulation covering agent in China. With the tenet of "Quality First, Credit First, Customer First", our factory wholeheartedly serves our customers and provides you with "constant temperature dehydrated Pearl sand" of high quality and low price with the advantage of specialized production.

The product is a high-quality pearl sand ratio with special particle size, low sulphur coal as energy, 550 degree constant temperature dehydration, and 850 kg per hour quantitatively produced. Compared with ordinary pearl sand, the product has good complementarity, large expansion multiple, strong slag trapping property, good plasticity of slag shell, good slag collecting effect and non-sticking.

performanceOrdinary dehydrated pearl sandProportional dehydrated pearl sandRemarks
 Dehydration method Production of 3.5-4 tons per hour at 900 CQuantitative production of 0.85 tons per hour at 550 C

1. When the crystalline water content is higher than 1.9% in molten steel, the slag splashed is loose and serious, and the expansion effect of pearl sand less than 1.1% is not good, and the slag removal and heat preservation effect are poor.                

2. The better the use of pearl sand in molten steel, the better the expansion, the double functions of slag removal and heat preservation can be achieved and the ladle conversion time can be prolonged.

 Crystalline water content after dehydration 0.8%-2.6% 1.2%-1.8%
 Expansion multiple in steel (iron) ladle ≥12 ≥16
 Expansion multiple in furnace ≥14 >17.5
 Plasticity of slag shell in melt

 Compared with the ordinary dewatering method of Pearl sand,                the dewatering method of pearl sand is increased by 22%

 Holding time in solution Extend 2.5-3.5 minutes (depending on ladle size)
 Slag collection and slag removal effect 25% higher than that of Pearl sand
 Granularity 16-20, 18-40 and 20-60 days (according to smelting furnace temperature requirements)