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Riser thermal insulation covering agent

Riser thermal insulation covering agent

This product is suitable for common open riser of steel casting sand mould. Without insulating riser sleeve, the shrinkage of riser shrinkage can also be changed from "V" to "U" shape, avoiding loosening and shrinkage. The shrinkage effect can reach 30%, the weight of riser can be reduced by 50%-75%, the yield can be increased by more than 15%, and the chemical composition of castings can be guaranteed to remain unchanged. Only 40-50 yuan is needed for each ton of molten steel saved, and the shrinkage of riser shrinkage can be avoided. Carbonized rice husk, heating agent, grass ash, heat preservation riser cover and other products have significant social and economic benefits.

Main raw materials and properties:
   This product is mainly made of local resources, sillimanite, aluminium powder, expanded perlite, acid graphite and other materials.。
Its performance is as follows:
Chemical properties:


Physical property:

Moisture content(%)Melting point(℃)Melting rate(S)Granularity(mm)Multiple


Riser diameter(mm)150200250300350400450
Riser diameter(mm)500550600650700750800

1. Riser calculation principle

The riser diameter is taken as the lower limit of the empirical formula by the method of hot-pit circle, and the ratio of height to diameter is taken as H/D=0.7-1.0. When calculating by modulus method, the top surface can be considered as an adiabatic surface.

2. Covering agent dosage

Note: The diameter of riser is the top diameter of riser.

(2) It is advisable to keep the top of 400 or more useful quantities out of red during the recuperation period.

Usage method:

When molten steel rises to 1/3 of riser height, the optimum input is obtained.

Controlled pouring height should not be level with sand box, let molten steel not spill over than riser, and no point pouring should be allowed after 20-40 mm covering agent is put in.

The product is stable in quality, good in spreading, excellent in heat preservation and convenient in use. It can reduce labor intensity and dust pollution, and is welcomed by users.