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Xinyang Jinhui Metallurgical New Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, formerly Xinyang Jinhui Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. The product performance is leading in various application fields, including high strength vitrified microspheres, matsutake platinum, perlite and other inorganic thermal insulation materials, as well as bentonite, zeolite powder, metallurgical auxiliary materials, four categories, dozens of varieties.

Chairman: Mr. Zhang Yiquan, a member of the Communist Party of China and a member of the China Metallurgical Industry Association, was born in November 1973 in Wuli Town, Pingqiao District, Xinyang City (3 kilometers from the largest non-metallic mine in Asia). He has been engaged in perlite industry for 26 years. He has authoritative perlite processing and various kinds of expansion of perlite (pulverized coal furnace expanding ordinary perlite, gas generator, pipeline dying gas, compressed liquefied gas producing ordinary perlite, pearlite sand, electric melting gas furnace producing high-strength vitrified micro-pearls).

At present, the company is the largest manufacturer of inorganic thermal insulation aggregates such as vitrified micro-beads and matsutake micro-platinum, and the only manufacturer of high-quality thermal insulation materials such as high-strength vitrified micro-beads (the product quality far exceeds the JC/1042-2007 standard formulated by the state), matsutake micro-platinum and so on.

The company takes the fine and deep processing production of non-metallic mineral products and the diversified development of scientific research and innovation as its leading role. It constantly develops and produces new series of building materials with heat insulation and thermal insulation. The newly developed high-strength electric melting glass beads are applied in building insulation, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, refractories and other fields. Excellent product quality and cost-effective ratio make our company go to the forefront of the same industry. Broad market acclaim also brings infinite vitality to the development of enterprises.

The company regards scientific and technological innovation as the first productivity, and has established strategic cooperative relationship with many domestic research departments and international well-known enterprises (S&B, Greece Esby Industrial Mineral Co., Ltd. has 187 companies worldwide, and Esby Group is the world's top supplier of pearlite granular sand in 2006) on the basis of mutual benefit.

Development course of company:

2003-2006: Mr. Zhang Yiquan learned a complete set of practical technologies such as smelting heat energy, heat energy control and heat energy reuse during the supply period of major iron and steel plants and foundries throughout the country. Combining with the principle of electric melting glass beads, he built Fengyuan Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. in Xiangcheng County, Xuchang City, Henan Province, in 2006 on the premise of vigorously developing wall thermal insulation and energy saving by the state. [Xiangcheng County Fengyuan Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd。

2006.5-2007.4: The company spent one year in a strong alliance with Greece Esby Industrial Mineral Co., Ltd. (S&B). Scientific researchers from both sides jointly developed a production line of spherical Pearl sand, which is specially for Xinyang Jinhui Metallurgical New Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. to produce high-strength vitrified microspheres. Since then, the company has entered an era of comprehensive product upgrading.。

The technicians of our company have solved the problems of high water absorption and low compressive strength of vitrified microspheres and improved the production line of vitrified microspheres in combination with the principle of thermal energy technology control in metallurgical industry. The products of our company can fully meet the requirements of type I performance of the inorganic lightweight thermal insulation mortar JGJ253-2011 issued by the Ministry of Housing and Construction of the People's Republic of China, and make the inorganic lightweight thermal insulation mortar reach 75. % energy saving requirement。

2007-2014: The company is a leading company in the same industry. The closed-cell ratio, strength and whiteness of the closed-cell perlite (vitrified beads) produced by the company can not be compared with that of any manufacturer in the country. The unit weight (kg/m) can be adjusted arbitrarily between 90 and 200 to change the shortcomings of the product such as high thermal conductivity, high water absorption and low compressive strength. It has reached the latest energy-saving standard for wall insulation (GJ253-2011) for eight consecutive years. In particular, the Division declares its commitment to the mass production of vitrified microspheres by any domestic manufacturer in the same industry. The product quality is higher than or up to our company's standard. It is willing to give a 17.5-meter semi-trailer with high strength vitrified microspheres free of charge. So far, no domestic enterprise has reached this standard。

The company is willing to contribute to the revival of Xinyang thermal insulation material "vitrified microspheres" and provide technical guidance for Xinyang peer enterprises free of charge。

2014: After many field visits by the company's senior officials, it was found that Luoshan County, Xinyang, has a good investment environment and convenient transportation. Therefore, Luoshan Branch of Xinyang Jinhui Metallurgical New Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. was expanded in Luoshan County. It is the only modern company in Xinyang that integrates scientific research and production. All kinds of test equipment meet the National standards, and the company is committed to students. At the same time, as a modern enterprise in the 21st century, the company attaches great importance to environmental protection and invests 5 million RMB in environmental protection construction. It is the best enterprise in the industry to do environmental protection. The working environment of its employees meets the garden factory standard. The company produces 9 bales/m3 of vitrified microspheres, 10 m3 per ton, Xinyang. Vitrified beads produced by other enterprises are 12 bales/m3 and 7.5m3 per ton. Our company promises to be responsible for the quality of each package of products going to market。

In the same year, our company established strategic cooperation with the French Yiruishi Group (I MERYS Group, a French wholly-owned multinational corporation) which operates and owns minerals in 47 countries worldwide and ranks first in the non-metallic industry of industrial minerals. It enabled our company to develop the inorganic building thermal insulation material of "Matsumo microplatinum", "Matsumo microplatinum" with light volume and barrel pressure. High strength, low thermal conductivity and other properties, all kinds of performance indicators are far higher than the "vitrified microspheres" and "matsutake platinum" push the market, in the insulation materials industry has been unanimously praised。

2016-2017: In order to meet the market demand, Xinyang Jinhui Metallurgical New Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. has added a production line of "Matsumo Microplatinum" in Luoshan Branch. The production line has a high degree of automation. The electrical circuit system adopts SIEMENS, FAMATEC, BRAHMA, ignition transformer, Krom Schroder, Germany. Company Burner Controller, Air-fuel Proportional Valve of KROM Company, Howard, Germany, Flat Flame Burner of KROM Company。

The second-line production can save 30% of energy and reduce two-thirds of the labor force through multiple utilization of waste gas from heat energy conversion, thus contributing to national energy conservation and emission reduction. If this production line produces vitrified microspheres, the Shangtian Tier Nonmetallic Mine in Xinyang will survive for more than 30 years and 50 years (the Shangtian Tier Nonmetallic Mine in Xinyang has been exploited extensively for many years, which makes less than 15% of the first grade ores capable of producing vitrified microspheres, and the rest are all second and third grade inferior ores). The second grade ore sand can only produce ordinary perlite because of its high expansion temperature. The production line of ratio bar can make secondary mineral sand produce real vitrified microspheres. See the table below for details:

   Comparing table of process and mineral sand for electro-melting and gas-melting vitrified microspheres

Electromelt vitrified microspheresGas-melted vitrified microspheres
First-grade high-quality perlite orePrimary and Secondary Perlite Ore Sands

Expansion furnace temperature 1080 ℃

Expansion furnace temperature 1250 ℃

A heating belt type 1100 ℃ or higher (if more than 1100 ℃ resistance with the damaged)

Compressed gas (LNG) heating pipeline gas heating

Sweden from 310 s (0 cr25ni20) material furnace, using temperature limit of 1100 ℃

Sweden from 800 h (Alloy) super heat resistant Alloy steel furnace, heat temperature 1400 ℃, at 1250 ℃ to work for a long time

The table above shows the secondary perlite ore by the production line, this article can produce high quality inorganic energy saving heat preservation material "vitrified beads", can improve the ladder on the xinyang non-metallic 30 years, 50 years of life。    

       Jh-1, jh-2, jh-3 high-efficiency steel (iron) water slag remover and jh-908F riser heat preservation covering agent, which are newly developed and manufactured by our company, can be imported comparable to the same kind of metallurgical auxiliary materials, and the price is low. It solves the problem that precision metallurgical casting only relies on imported slag removing, heating covering products fill the market gap, and enjoys a high reputation in the same industry.。