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No. 1 Factory: Xinyang Jinhui Metallurgical Casting Material Factory
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Zhang Yiquan department of the communist party of China party member, China perlite association, member of China's metallurgical industry association member, was born in November 1973, xinyang PingQiao district five town people (from the ladder nonmetalliferous ore 3 kilometers). Himself in the perlite industry 18 years, has the legal qualification of perlite processing, perlite various expansion (pulverized coal furnace expansion ordinary pearlite, gas generator production, perlite filter aid, fused, gas furnace production of vitrified beads).

In 1992, I founded Jinhui Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. (now Xinyang Jinhui Metallurgical New Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd.). The product processing penetration rate is applied to various fields of this non-metallic mineral resources, including perlite, bentonite, porcelain stone powder, zeolite powder and metallurgical auxiliary materials, dozens of varieties. At present, our company is one of the excellent producers of steel (iron) water slag collector and slag removal heat preservation covering agent in China.

From 2003 to 2005, I learned a complete set of technologies such as smelting heat energy, thermal energy control and thermal energy reuse during the supply period of major iron and steel plants and foundries in China. Combining with the principle of electric melting and vitrification beads, under the premise of vigorously developing wall thermal insulation and energy saving, I built Xuchang Fengyuan Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. and Xuchang Xiangcheng Fengyuan Paohua Alkali Co., Ltd. in 2006.

The equipment used by the new company can not be compared with the closed porosity, strength and whiteness of the closed perlite (vitrified microspheres) produced in the same industry by any manufacturer in the country. The capacity (kg/m3) can be adjusted arbitrarily between 90 and 250 in order to change the shortcomings of high thermal conductivity, high water absorption and low compressive strength of the product in the past, so as to meet the national standard requirements for wall thermal insulation and energy saving (see product comparison for details).

At present, the production capacity of the new company is 13,000 tons, high-quality vitrified pearls. The second phase of the project (now under installation) is expected to start production in August 2010. The annual production of high-quality vitrified pearls is 26,000 tons after completion. After the second phase of production, the company (Xinyang General Company and Xuchang Company) is the largest closed-cell perlite (vitrified pearls) production enterprise in China.

Jh-1, jh-2, jh-3 high-efficiency steel (iron) water slag remover and jh-908F riser heat preservation covering agent, which are newly developed and manufactured by our company, can be imported comparable to the same kind of metallurgical auxiliary materials, and the price is low. It solves the problem that precision metallurgical casting only depends on imported slag removing and heating covering products fill the market gap, and enjoys a high reputation in the same industry.